Our Story

Based in State College, PA; Michael Powers and Bud Price started Nittany Builders with the focus of ensuring your overall experience is positive and adds to the value of your home project. We are continuously improving our building process to deliver a wonderful experience to our customers that reduces the level of stress in a home build or renovation/remodeling project. It is this innovative approach to continually advance our building process that sets us apart.

Nittany Builders is an offshoot of Vinyl King. I started my company over 20 years ago with the goal of improving the building experience for families. Having worked in the construction industry for years, valuable lessons were learned about how to and how not to build. It has also taught us the importance of serving the customer and making sure that they are happy. We have done an exceptional job at balancing quality and price to ensure a solid long-term investment and relationship with you and your home.

At Nittany Builders, it is our dedication to continue in improving the quality and affordability of your home for both you and your family. Whether remodeling your kitchen, adding a master bathroom, finishing a basement, adding outdoor living space, or building your dream home, we continue to improve our building process so that we are there for our family.